"A brilliant indie charmer"


"True independent cinema at its best"


"Full of charm and wit"




It’s over a year since Anna split with John and life in London seems only to be getting harder. She isn’t landing auditions and the pressure from family to make it work or call it quits is ever increasing. Dreading a future as uncertain as the present, Anna travels to Paris and to the home of her best friend Jean.

Life for Jean seems stable. He’s given up acting and is settling down with his French partner Philippe. The timing of Anna's arrival isn’t great however; Philippe’s mother is dying and it’s taking its toll on them both. Thankful for an excuse to escape, Jean dedicates his time and attention to Anna who herself is devoted to another task entirely.

DRAMA is a story of the selves we once were and the selves we long to be. It’s a story of grief for the many roads in life we could have travelled but didn’t. Most importantly, it’s an honest portrayal of people at their worst, trying to do their best.

DRAMA is the first feature from Little Sure Shots. Shot entirely on location in Paris and London, this is true independent cinema at its best, incorporating an exciting mix of Australian, French and English talent.